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Numerous events, both large and small, provide fun and entertainment throughout the year and surely include something for every taste. Particular highlights are the Bördetag in May and the All Saints’ Fair (Soester Allerheiligenkirmes) in November, which has become the largest old town centre fair in Europe, attracting around a million visitors in five days. But also other town festivals and big events attract thousands of guests.

An overview of the annual, larger events can be found by clicking on Highlights.

The schedule register for Soest is to be found in our

And here’s a tip!
Should you yourself want to organise an event it is imperative you notify the Kulturbüro of the Citizens’ Centre to register your event for the event calendar.
Tel. 02921/31101 or e-mail Kulturbüro@schlachthof –

As diverse the events are, so varied are the locations. In addition to the Event Centre (Stadthalle) and the Citizens’ Centre (Bürgerzentrum) numerous open-air events, pubs with live music, and historical building monuments invite you to enjoy culture in an unusual ambience.